2 thoughts on “YR1377 Dystopian Gun Womb”

  1. The show needs rebranding (name change, logo, and show theme). Also needs showrunner/producer. You need to somehow figure out a niche.

  2. Gun debate? Ok. You seem to think that Gun ownership is wrong, that no one needs to own an AK47 because kids are killing kids and snide politicians are allowing it. Bullshit. You want your opinion to be the one all, end all and that’s it. You would rather side with that stupid man hating Emily Gonzalez and support her shit? That is absolute idiocy. And these stupid kids walking out. Um, my taxes are going to paying for their education, their asses better be in class or expulsion is required. Walking out is not going to bring back anyone. These so called “activists” make me sick. This is a topic that shouldn’t be one. If attacking Our President and the NRA is all you can base your misery on, go back to France. As miserable as you were there, you were certainly more productive. When you are ready to LISTEN to our side of the argument, we’ll be waiting for you….

    P. S. More doody squirts when Shithead Debra talks. And more “Weu” from Churyl.

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