2 thoughts on “YR1372 Sharting with the GIRLS”

  1. Hi Mayudge and Churyl! Great grum so far, I’m 40 minutes in and am LOVING all the sharting, pooping and doody!!!!!!

    I want to respond to Stupid Debbie’s mention of me on the last grum, that “this bitch seriously wants to kill me, for real.” Let’s be clear. I have never expressed any ill will or threat of violence EVER against this stupid bitch. I do not like her, I will never like her and PERIOD. That’s all. I am entitled to that opinion and as long as this stupid bitch is on the show, I will always, everytime she laughs, offers a political opinion (when no one gives a fuck) and complains over doody squirts, HATE HER. Let’s make that 100% FUCKING CLEAR. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that.

    However, I do respect the fact that she is a “part” of your otherwise AMAZING show. Churyl has used her as a crutch to get out of doing anything at this point, so I can understand why she would be bitchy and cunty to me for insulting and degrading the cunt. Matt Peters poem was stupid and I fail to see why he was banned. I love it when Ragan is on, he’s always amazingly funny and has the best laugh. (Is that pussy hairy, is it hairy?)

    Keep up the great work anyways. Still love to listen, and will always listen. I tried to listen to Shithead’s podcast, but it’s so fucking boring. I just finished Episode 51, it’s the stupidest piece of shit I’ve ever heard. As for tracking her cruise, I already did it before the grum aired (a FB friend of hers told me her cruise ship info). Boring, don’t care. Let’s just hope someone “accidentally” bumps into her and she ends up in the water. That would be nice. I FUCKING love it when she’s not on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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