2 thoughts on “YR1371 Facebook Orwellianism”

  1. While listening to the show podcast I feel I’m missing a huge part of the discussion by not seeing the videos mentioned. Could there be links in the show notes to any videos discussed please?
    What do I get for being a member?

    1. Worst grum in a LONG time. No one wants to hear stupid (now he reveals, FAT[squeezing his titties]) Debbie about what she thinks about FB bots. The poem Matt was banned for was funny, but I could see how a bot would flag it. Too damn bad. The last 2 grums were fucking stellar and a PROUD reminder of how Mayudge and Churyl could do AMAZING grums on their own. Stupid Debbie’s audio quality was shit, she sounded like a man most of the grum. Remember, the best time to play doody squirts is whenever Stupid Debbie talks. It VASTLY improves your shows. If you want a better forum for chatting, use Instagram more often.

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