5 thoughts on “YR1364 Very Large Never Mind”

  1. The phone call was boring. Since no one listens to Shithead’s other show, it didn’t make sense who this new lesbian chick “Kathy” is. Didn’t like it one bit. Doody squirts and farting would have made this call exciting and thrilling. Say Shithead had to go to the bathroom from eating bad Chipotle, that would have made SUCH a difference. Funny how she can degrade a guy for 3 hours (Bloody Hello Kitty Panties Episode 51, Parts 1-3), call him a pedo and offer snide remarks that no one has to hear except the audience (I listened to it on Fastforward, it’s such a fucking terrible show), but she can be sedate and humor this old bitch Kathy as if she were her lesbian lover. BORING. More Game of Crones and Doody squirt cycling for 10 minutes are SO much more interesting.

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