YR1362 The Brown Wedding

ALL GIRLS in this typical grum featuring a new Game of Crones episode.

Show Notes

One thought on “YR1362 The Brown Wedding”

  1. Great Episode! Hated Stupid Debbie as usual, for her obnoxious laugh and her terrible taste in what she thinks is a funny video. The phone call was terrible until the final 20 seconds, when you did Doody squirts over her. THAT HAD ME LAUGHING!!!!!!! The one time that Debbie is quite brilliant is when she Skypes out. I always look forward to that, it’s so good.

    Churyl was FUCKING TERRIFIC!!!!!!!! That episode of “Game of Crones” was exciting, thrilling. Churyl’s slow, stuttering reading, with Mayudge yelling at her was AMAZING!!!!!!! Everything with Baron Von Trump and all the shitting was very well written, NEED MORE!!!!!!

    Never forget, when Debbie goes on her stupid rants about Apple or what she thinks is funny, PLEASE cycle some doody squirts, it makes the show SO MUCH BETTER!

    Love you Madge and Churyl #TRUMP2020
    Mr. Orange Panties

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