6 thoughts on “YR1361 Only a Bigger Idiot Can Beat a Huge Idiot”

  1. hi madge it’s hagagatha i’m writing to you from a dungeon, currently gettin g my hole fisted, it feels good! i have enough money on my tracfone to call my drug dealer well gotta go need to go drink some toilet water

  2. LOVE THE GLITCH EDITS TOO!!!! $150 for a grum!?! I remember the days before Stupid Shithead Debbie was on when you did shows for free. Longer, better shows too, with actual cycling of doody squirts. I like the show, but enough with the political bitching! Trump is AMAZING and has shown he has the leadership, the poise and the “fuck you” factor unlike his wimpy predecessor.

    I agree that your content should be rewarded, but only to you and Churyl. You both are the reason people still turn in and download your content. That other reprehensible idiot you call “co-host” isn’t “YEAST RADIO FUNNY”. She doesn’t get it your brand of humor and should be axed from the show. I have REPEATEDLY commented that she is the most unfunny part of your show and everytime she speaks about what she likes or obnoxiously laughs or talks about Mapple, you should drown her out with doody squirts. We tune in to listen to you two, not shithead dumbass.

    At the same time, you’re asking for too much. If we start giving in to your demands, we better be getting TOP content, like 3 or 4+hour shows and 15 minutes of that can be dedicated to shithead Debbie. Enough of these shitty 2 hour shows, we want more quality time with you girls. Also, because you’re lazy too, if you have no content, you can bring back “Movies with the Gurls” the one good thing dumbass brought to the show. Those are always fun.

    Hopefully you’ll grum soon, with or without donations. Money shouldn’t be the reason you grum, it’s because you fucking love to nag the world. Greetings from NYC. #COONS

  3. Honaye, if you want you can make a donation specifically for the whores you loike, you should do that! Vote with your MONAYE HONAYE we got yo disease #COONS #NEAGGER #DONATIONS #MOVIESWITHTHEGIRLS #PISSEDMYGYNE #SELFDEPORTNOW #TRUMPISMYSWEETDADDYBEAR #PAYUPANDORSHUTUPPABLAIDS

  4. i enjoy the solo grums!

    maybe you should do one of those content based money generating things – MADGE MERCH (remember the DVDs?…)

    That’s how those queens on the tellyvision seem to make money

    if you need a European supply chain , get in touch!

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