6 thoughts on “YR1357 Mark Zuckerberg is the New Jesse Helms”

  1. Yeah I agree Madge it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately people are gonna get triggered over stupid bullshit. Apparently you’re just somehow allowing people who are just up to no good and wanna ruin it for others. A lot of these companies are starting to come undone when screwing people over. If it ain’t pinterest then it’s something else. Even paypals getting fucking ridiculous. What’s stupid is that these companies are asking for far too personal of information just to prove who you are. I don’t feel comfortable giving my info like that they have no business in having.

    As much as I wanna hear from someone who wants to tell me that that – that just their rules their say then where’s the line? LOL.

  2. I love the album art here. Props to whoever the artist is. A++! It was very cool to hear Madge call Lady Bunny and get another view point on here lesbian trials and tribulations.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the loss in your family. Yes, even I can feel sympathy. Even if you think I’m the Devil Incarnate for voting for Trump ( and I firmly stand by it), I look at how I see you, as a bleeding heart liberal who can’t stand change (or too much of it). I wish I could say I like Lady Bunny. I don’t. Another dumbass liberal who doesn’t get it. But I can respect “her” opinions. Best part of the grum was Churyl, for being the silly cumdump whore she always is. Keep Grumming, you are making a difference. Weu

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