3 thoughts on “YR1354 You’re Not a Rotter”

  1. hey I noticed that in a lot of your grums you watch videos together with the girls and try to synch them and it’s annoying to do so – i just wanted to let you know there are website that synch youtube videos together. You just make a room, create a playlist and send people the url for the room and you all see the same video at the same time – just thought it might help coordinate that or something – http://synchtu.be/ is the one I use for that sort of thing but theres others (if you already knew then sorry im a dumb prick)

  2. Probably one of the best grums in a VERY long time. I loved hearing the old women in the “EXCLUSIVELY LEAKED” film they are in. It was amazing to hear them, I wanted more. Debbie contributes nothing as usual and everytime she speaks I grimaced, she’s so fucking obnoxious. Churyl was in and out and I loved that little cunt for that. Bring back Movies with the Girls. It’s the one time I can actually stomach Debbie and her stupid opinions. But more machine gun rifles when she talks, I want it to overtalk her. I love Angela Beasley: Radio station Radio Yeast!

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