YR1352 Resistance Works

Solo RiverGrum

Show Notes

no gloating- only fires up trump
single payor
there is hope- fighting things works
goal has to be encouraging the republicans to make health better- show them it can help them stay in power
supreme court- MUST stop trump before can pick anyone else
focus on 2018 election


resistbot: text RESIST to 50409

5 thoughts on “YR1352 Resistance Works”

  1. Anytime you talk about your failure of a life I feel like you’re talking about my failure of a life. I just agreed to work a really horrible job just to have money again because Im so tired of being broke and thinking that Im good at this podcasting shit and THAT will earn me a real life. So fuck it. You’re failure. Im a failure. We are many failures in this world.

  2. hello madge its your home town gal hagatha.If I need to get a mic Ill walk to target on check day which is the third of august and get me one of them there doodad thingys.I wrote a lovely country ballad called “skid marks on my sheets” I know youll love it.Please tell me that cheryule died,love Debra though shes amazing as you are as well-enuff ass kissin to get back in your good graces?I have way too much time on my hands.Bill says hi!

  3. Ha, I used to listen to this show like 10 years ago. Back when the old BF passed away. Good to hear you again.

  4. why don’t you just do the whole program with the mute button on – might as well – jeezus christ – there are three of you lazy fat whores and if the majority of your content comes from YouTube videos you would think you could post links.
    I download and listen but most of the time I’m staring out the car window watch traffic and thinking that sounds interesting, but you guys are too fucking lazy to share so we can all see. Honestly it’s not that hard to cut and paste links to the videos you use. Maybe in the future you can start using sign language, miming or interpretive dance to express yourself on an audio podcast – good christ.

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