3 thoughts on “YR1350 Radio Station Yeast”

  1. I always enjoy the absurdity of the phone calls especially whenever Debra gets in a car accident. Game of Crones was hilarious.

  2. This is a real noice grum MLADEES! So smooth and no technical difficulties. UGHMMM UGHHMMM clearing throat.

  3. Good Grum. So you want to burn me at the stake on a tree at Macy’s? Nice. Real nice. You can cry and complain, but at the end of the day, I still come out on top. Why? Because TRUMP won and the rest of you loser liberals lost. Again and again and again. Trump has an upcoming rally that I WILL be attending and I have my “Make America Bueno Hat” ready to wear. Your “resistance” is useless and pathetic. That’s why I like your solo grums, they paint you as this coddled man-child that LOVED Oblama but now, under Trump, has lost his voice.

    On a bright note, it was FUCKING AMAZING hearing the call to Kerry Laundry. Angela is the best sport in the world, working her ass off while fending off that stupid call by Shithead Debbie. I swear, she gets worse everytime. “Executive Producer”? Stupid. She should have played it a bit more casual. She is SERIOUSLY the worst part of your show. Kill her off with a quick car crash and get back to basics with you and Churyl and do more “Movies with the Girls”. That was thrilling stuff.

    Keep making your grums, I will keep listening. As for your retard friend who got arrested, that was one of the funniest things I have ever heard. We need to keep the trash OUT and in Trump’s America, we sure fucking will. Love you. Now go eat a bloody tampon.

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