One thought on “YR1349 A Place for Blumpquist”

  1. I am loving the grum without Debbie! So good. But enough of this bitching about Healthcare and Trump! Have some goddamn patriotism and start learning to appreciate instead of being one of these loser liberals who feel like the world is going to hell. One President doesn’t make all the decisions. You happen to live in Illinois, a state that has loser crybaby liberals in charge who will bend over backwards for their wimpy constituents. Conservative voices ALSO EXIST. You spend your time grumming and crying about Healthcare, I’m so depressed, this country is going to shit. REALLY? I have a job I love, healthcare that works, and I moved to a new state that I love. My life is FUCKING AMAZING. I’m making MORE money at my job, my living expenses are way less than they were in shitty California! How can I complain? I even have more money in my pockets, money that I would be donating to you had you not banned me from the GC and LOTS more money if only you and Churyl grum and no fucking stupid Debbie. Her grum sucks ass. Yeast Radio has given you a voice to change the world for so many, but because of all your bitching and whining, there is precious little to tune in for. Calling Trump Mr. Orange Panties was brilliant and hysterically funny, but you fail to see how that is so much more entertaining and fun. Healthcare is boring, SO FUCKING BORING. No one wants to talk about that. If you instead tried giving Trumpcare a chance instead of bashing it and crying over that stupid faggy Obamacare, you wouldn’t be so goddamn depressed all the time.

    Talk more about your personal life, try being more optimistic, try making yourself look human. Don’t get me wrong, never stop playing doody squirts, always Lemonade Churyl, always cycle when Stupid Debbie is talking, always call Kerry laundry and always bug Ragan for donations. I love your show and I will always listen to it, but ENOUGH OF THE GODDAMN HEALTHCARE BULLSHIT. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU WHINE, IT’S BORING. And play more My 600lb. life clips. MAYBE, just MAYBE, you might get a nice big donation. And you will NOT share ANY MONIES I give you with that atrocious idiot Debbie. Only for you and Churyl. Remember, the less I have to hear that retard (Stupid Debbie), the more donations I will make.

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