6 thoughts on “YR1345 After the Fact Outrage and Cheryl’s Chiffon Shitting Girdle”

  1. Another lovely walking grum. What is your go-to news source? What sites are bookmarked on your mobile blone? Have you considered a news aggregate? I use Reddit to bounce headlines and sources off one another. I would be furious if I was still watching CNN today for repeating “what’s popular,” but the Comey testimony is huge despite pushing other stories out of view.

  2. Yeah I agree with ya. Too much of a distraction for the masses unfortunately. Problem is is that we need somebody like a you and me scenario. (Reg. People if you will), people like us who don’t have our head up our own asses and be what the country needs. Cause apparently with these leaders that we’ve had recently just isn’t working. It’s us the people who need to take charge. But with this shit in the news people are getting fed up.

    Even if it looks like we’re leaderless in the world at least we would still have people like you and I to take care of things that need taking care of.

    Stop the wars, take care of the health care issue so where people aren’t just mearly making a profit and get rid of this debt of ours.

  3. Madge, I enjoy all the stream of cuntjuiceness grums you’ve been putting out recently. Keep them cumming.

  4. Mic sounds good. I’m curious about what type of mic it is. I got a Shure MV-88 mic for iPhone recently, and it also has the virtual wind noise prevention. Great mic. Got it for free too!

  5. Just got to the part when you mentioned the Shure motiv app (guess I should’ve listened to the whole grum before asking). Great stuff, anyhow!

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