6 thoughts on “YR1341 Hot Wet Girdle”

  1. Covfefe is AMAZING. Those 80 people that you were babbling about, the ones that were killed in an airstrike, why should we care about them? We don’t know them, or even know anyone who lost someone there. Do you really think they give a fuck if 80 Americans were killed in our country? Of course not? Did you ever hear them ONCE of sending their condolensces when we lost 50 GAY people at Pulse Nightclub? Did they cry about it? NOPE. So, yes, Covfefe is MUCH more important than some stupid losers (most of them probably terrorists in the making) getting killed. That is what they enjoy, the brutal annihilation of their people so that they can say “See, America is bad, America needs to be destroyed.” But you once told me that I stand for everything that you have been fighting against all your life, hence your stupid ban of me on the GC. My views on Trump do not change at all. I am in AWE that not more liberals are pleading and marching for FREE HEALTHCARE, which we are entitled to. But I have not seen one sign, one march committing to that ideal. You all think that this single-payer bullshit is the ONLY answer to Trump’s repeal of Obamacare. Obamacare failed miserably.

    I understand millions need their pills. But this country has become SO dependent on promoting and inventing all these unnecessary drugs to cure this, cure that. If people led healthier lives, they would not be enslaved to these needless pharmaceuticals. Funny, 60, 70 years ago, these drugs weren’t around and people seemed MUCH happier and lived fuller lives. Now, it’s come down to begging healthcare companies to provide these drugs that aren’t needed for cheaper prices. And since the demand is there, these companies crank up the prices for much more than they are worth. You have to start focusing on more of what matters, shitting sounds when Debra is talking, Cheryl reading Game of Crones and You getting your frustration out by hosting a relevant, funny podcast that I love. No matter if I hate Debra ( I DO), this show is still the greatest thing I have ever listened to. That retard whore you said you listen to, the prison culture bitch is a dumb cunt. When she says things that challenge people, you listen. But I say something, I’m the enemy, I’m banned from GC. Think, will you? Just cause I’m a dirty beaner who voted for Trump does not make me any better than you. It makes me your equal and THAT scares you.

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