2 thoughts on “YR1327: Take Our Prison Back!”

  1. If Lena Dunham and PC liberals turn people off, so the fuck what; they are not the leaders, they do not have the power or the obligation. The DNC, Obama and the Clintons do have the power and have put themselves in a leadership role and have the obligation to stop turning voters off. Even though this episode pissed me off, I am hoping you don’t pod fade. And wishing Rachel had answered your call.

  2. Lena Dunham is an ugly fat twat and I put the ENTIRE blame that Hillary lost on her AND the 51% of loser liberals that DIDN’T vote. Most of the 51% were too busy getting high, picking their nose or watching that stupid show that Lena is on. “Bitches”, I think it’s called. Or maybe “Jew Broads”, who knows. Love this episode, especially the “Barcelona” song and the doody squirts at the end, and I love Bicycle Mark. I hope he gets to go to Kerry Laundry soon. If you want to podfade, then do it already. Trump has made you lose lots of support you could have had. He also has given you lots of valid talking points, so long as you don’t talk about them with Debbie. No one wants to hear what the fuck she’s going to say! NO ONE. Rachel Kann is amazing.

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