3 thoughts on “YR1323 Call ‘Em Out!”

  1. I full-heartedly support your attempt to bring politics into yeast again! Unfortunately, most people get uncomfortable if they’re exposed to a new concept and get defensive.
    Maybe try solo grumming next time, or try finding guests that are willing and able to endeavor into such discussions.
    Awesome grum from start to finish! ;*

  2. Nate is a whiny liberal cunt. I mean, have you seen those faggy ass pics of her on her FB? Single? No fucking DOUBT! Let’s change her name to Miss Piggy. Watch, she’s going to be one of these liberal faggots that will spend the rest of her days jerking off in front of the computer and wishing he had a gym membership so he could join Grindr. This one is REALLY far up Hillary’s cunt, almost worse than Shithead Debbie. Great grum, though, cause I didn’t have to hear that bitch! LOVED IT!

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