2 thoughts on “YR1312 Blah Blah Eat it”

  1. You keep going bat shit crazy on everyone everything. Every grum. Lately. It’s not fun. It’s not funny. Content is you acting like a screaming 9 yr old bitch. Skipping % 70%.
    Please stop the cunt. Be a dick. Sooo annoying.

    Richard C.

  2. OMG, I was creaming my tight panties hearing you yell at Stupid Debbie! It’s so funny to hear you yell at her, more please! Stupid Debbie was tolerable in this episode, until she started singing her obnoxious songs and laughing while reading those amazing shitting stories. It was SO fucking annoying having to hear her laugh like it was funny. The shitting stories need to be read by Cheryl, she knows how to read them, not this dumb bitch. Also, this isn’t Eat This Hot Show. If it’s Ragan or Wanda or Madge giving their political opinions, fine. But we don’t really give a rat’s ass about Stupid Debbie’s views. She can put them on her stupid podcast that no one listens to. I tune in for Madge and Churyl. More yelling at Debbie everytime she’s there. It’ll get you more donations! Keep up the great job!

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