YR1297: Movies with the Girl Most Likely To

Debra and Madge watch a nice movie called “The Girl Most Likely To.”


Show Notes

Tonight begins with the Gurlz of the Grum, Madge and Debra, preparing to present a new Movies With The Girls. Showing tonight is The Girl Most Likely. Queue up and watch along. Don’t forget the adult diapers. You’ll be peeing yourself silly with laughter.

Memorable Quotes:

Oh my God! She looks fucked up in this quality!

If she was Karen Carpenter, she could just walk through it.

Listen, Sweetums!

I wonder if Cheryl can go to this doctor.

It only works if you use a pretty person.

Look out you old bitch.

I wouldn’t fuck anybody in a bed like that. Would make me throw up!

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:

EggsInThePuss: Young people in the chat, that was a telephone.

GigaTigga: I know Madge Weinstein is flicking her bean in there somewhere.

FetusMcMuffin: Less pebbles in the vagina though.

DomingoGonzales: Lol this movie. It’s like the B sides of grease where Rizzo is a loser not a whore.

Cornfordinner: Put it in my big, hairy, puffy, flappy vagina!

Sir-pat-oneself: She’s going to jump from the balcony in this film, too?

Tune in and watch along as the Gurlz give great gaiety and jocularity In this comedy of horrors. Don’t miss a moment of this episode of Movies With The Girls (and donate Today).

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