YR1290 Restless Leg Syndrome is the same thing Michael J. Fox had…until he came out as having percocet.

I’m fat


Show Notes:

The show begins with no notice for Show-Notes Natalie, who hasn’t eaten in two whole hours. Realizing Madge is cycling an old video for many, many hours, Show-Notes Natalie left to cook and eat again. So show notes are a bit sparse tonight. *Stuffs face with chickens from under the bed.*Madge opens the actual surprise Grum with a surprise reveal of herself in full regalia looking marvelous and fetching. Topics range from the death of “print’s” (tm Ragan) to a few other things probably.

Memorable Quotes:
Holy shit! Madge looks like Madge.
When I’m getting ready to bottom and not shit on my BF, I eat Fage yogurt.
I feel like I look like Caitlyn a little. But less ugly.
I am so obese and fat.
We got ten fucking dollars for loving the audience.
I shat 4 times today, people. 4 times!

Madge decides to channel Prince from the other side while Debra plays the part of Sylvia Brown. The seance was interrupted by a call from Jason, an old friend of Madges. Unfortunately, the call quality is worse than a Trump / Cruz presidency.

Technical difficulties have Madge and Debra re-cycling the same classic video from the beginning of tonight’s grum while Madge does a bit of private-dicking around his computer to find the problems. The show returns with Madge eating a delicious Golden Circle Fruit plate lovingly designed by his houseguest, Wanda Wisdom.

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:
<@GigaTigga> tryna make me go tuh rehabbbb
<Filipino> Restless Leg Syndrome is the same thing Michael J. Fox had…until he came out as having percocet.
<Cornfordinner> cum blast from the payust
<jayecifer> The idea of savory jello makes me want to spew.
<Cornfordinner> nyeah, I want madge to bend me over and stick her gefilte feesh in my tight butthole
<ragan> Man, Debbie is super high tonike. Been smokin chiffon out of a bong.
<BobDiva> RIP Amy Methhouse
<wasabaids> i have no idea why podshow didn’t work out
<@GigaTigga> that would be kinda hot minus the urINE
<ernest> hypnotized by the floral print
<wasabaids> is this bizarro yeast radio?
<BobDiva> Monsanto puts semen in our vaccines!!
<@Debra_> Donations are the only thing that can save her
<wasabaids> we are well on our way to HOARDERS
<unamacchia> what happened to the hot guys with the cucumber? I was about ready to donate again.
<BobDiva> Your fat has its own fat

Debra captivates the listeners with an amazing rendition of an Enya song while Madge finishes her fruit. The gurlz discuss their electric bills. It’s electrifying.

The Lovely Ladies of Yeast turn back to the topic of Prince and the mysterious circumstances around his untimely death. But the gurlz jump topics again and again. They cover, buy-turns, Caitlyn, Trump, Amy, fat loaves, Birkenstocks and more.

Queue up tonight’s surprise Grum and listen to it while eating a cake… or two… like Show-Notes Natalie.

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