YR1281 Shine Bright Like I Was Played With


recorder lesbian yeast radioTonight’s musical introduction gives us a glimpse of Thursday Lane’s newest rant artistically fused with a beautiful rendition of Diamonds in the background. Thursday spreads the love AND the spit with the Yeast Radio audience.Madge agrees to show Heather Feather’s face if the show gets $1000 in donations by the end of the night. Heather doesn’t quite agree.

Madge queues up some eye energy with a video from Thursday Lane entitled “Asian people eyes are art that I love.” Thursday hoola-hoops to an energetic little R&B ditty. The Gurlz call Chris for a quick Q&A about himself and his interviews with Thursday.

The gurlz share a few special videos of a lovely woman who sings with her doge and wears a moose head. Madge needs to change her panties by the time it’s finished!

Heather calls No Abort’s alternate line after her dad yelled at her and made her hang up the phone earlier. She explains how he exploits her as an online model.

Debra calls about an air tank available on Craigslist. Her husband, Tony, joins the call followed by Heather who takes things to another, greasy level. The call flops harder than Heather’s dildo collection in an earthquake so she calls about an iphone accessory. Heather wants a discount for favors but the guy is too busy trying to get his wife to drop a few items for the 10 items or less register.

Madge gets flustered as she tries to have Troy join the grum but she hangs up on EVERYONE. Tristan joins as the entire live chat room experiences el nino style flooding from all the wet pannies.

Memorable Quotes:
Can somebody throw some gasoline on him?
I want to figure out if you have a large penis or not.
Your breff smell like supper from the toilet.
Smelly crotch and ass just always wakes me up.
Cheryl, will you eat my whole clean?
Debra, did you just cum??

The gurlz bombard Tristan with question after question as the humidity level in their respective studios rises to maximum level. Bisexuality, gay sexual roles, marriage, stinky orgies with finger food, Chinese guys in lipstick with stubble and much more are topics on the table.

Memorable Live Chat Quotes:
<wasabaids> his dog has a nice penis
<TingTing> what happened to purple deek grandpa?
<EGGS_in_the_PUSS> is your cat lapse-friendly
<@cherylmerkowski> DONATIONS
<TroyWolf> He just needs to talk and I can cum
<heatherd> Stopped my cleaning to laugh
<AgustinGonzales> I bet his bawls smell loik cheetos and instant noodles
<heatherd> It’s kind of weird watching Troy

Tristan reveals how he lost his Yeast Radio cherry and how he discovered the full sundae underneath through Cheryl’s viral hit, Walls Fall Out. The gurlz continue to throw LOADS of questions at Tristan’s face.

Everyone takes a collective post-coital smoke break as Tristan hangs up. Debra wants to call Nevadans to ask questions of Trump supporters but Cheryl just won’t have it. She wants to call Chris back instead to do a live Thursday Lane interview. Unfortunately, his availability is a rare commodity after his recently found fame. Debra gets her wish after all as the girls call a few Nevadans.

Madge shares a clip from Leo Laport’s live viewing of his wife’s vagina as she squee’s with glee. The squee-dom vanishes when the vagina reminds Madge that she wants to buy a Power Pressure Cooker XL. Ragan joins the grum. Cheryl speaks. Ragan leaves the grum.

Madge recounts a story from his bed in Peru. The gurlz discuss the Aneros and some people’s ability to have an orgasm solely from prostate stimulation.

The gurlz (plus Ragan)  finally call about Madge’s pressure cooker.  Cheryl takes the lead when she interrupts this lovely woman’s script with question after question. An informed purchase is a favorable purchase so Cheryl wants to know if she can use it to cook her favorite cult classic, fetus. Satan will be pleased!

Madge queues up a new Simply Fayutt video by our very own Matt Peters. Delicious breath encrusted panko roasted chicken and vegetables are on the menu.

Heather calls to ask questions of a Rubio supporter. Bruce lists lots of reasons that Rubio will be president. Heather brings up the Cocodorm scandal but Bruce needs to go night night. Heather calls the mother of one of our very own (Troy). She was appalled at the late night call but quickly spouted her support for Kasich before she hung up.

More Memorable Quotes:
I scrapbook every episode.
Do you ever spread your asshole and take pictures of it?
Donate to the gurlz. Donate hard!
Don’t listen to Cheryl. She’s a vengeful little bitch.
You’re a cock-blocking little bitch!
I wish I had some gravy. I’m so hungry for it. You know what I mean?
I want you to fucking build a wall in my pussy… no Mexicans are getting in.

Debra calls a craigslist ad poster for a table and bookcase but Craig isn’t available so Madge adds Troy back to the grum. Cheryl calls Troy’s mother back to tell her about her liyups falling out.

Heather calls her new man from the adult chat rooms. Unfortunately, her sister is sitting next to her so she has to talk in code. Vooft. He’s not into sisters so the gurlz move on to politics.  Debra has a few theories about Hillary’s coughing.

Debra calls another one of her men as Madge accepts the evening’s donations. Her wheelchair becomes the star of the call.

Don’t default on one dollar of tonight’s massive mortgage of a grum or Madge, Cheryl and Debra will foreclose on your Golden Circle membership.

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