YR1279 Yoga Sk00l with the GIRLZ

Madge and Cheryl surprise a bitch with an early grum today by opening with a lovely video from our old favorite, Thursday Lane, and his new chicken cream.

Madge discusses a new broadcast fun-eral trend on Ustream. She finds a hilarious live funeral to share with the audience. She pees herself laughing at the histerical dead body. Cheryl just wants to know where the drive-through is.
Cheryl introduces a beautifully crafted tutorial on gluing a weave track to a bald head. Halle Berry would be jealous. The gurlz move on to a video posted by Tristan of the recent Golden Circle “Is that how you loik it” fame.
The gurlz offer up a new Simply Fayutt video from our very own Matt Payers. Pork & Apple burgers (and heavy breathing) are on the menu tonight!
Memorable Quotes:
Is this like the black elephant man or something?
Hollah Berry? You look like Halle Berry after a car wreck.
Is that how you link it?
Mike, what do you like most about my vagina?
You mean AIDS semen?
I’m for anything that causes less babies at Starbucks.
Is that the same as when you lick your finger, stick it up there and lick your finger again?
Madge revisits the Ustream funeral to make fun of a grieving woman’s weave. You need to look n-word for peace. Mike joins the call to discuss the public bereavement.
Live Chat Quotes:
 Misread that as Bloodfart
 show me the ‘bort certificate
 whose mother WASN’T raped by clinton
< @GigaTigga> halapenis
 Why is Madge speaking through a potato?
< @GigaTigga> madge is gonna try to rape mike
< @GigaTigga> have you ever had a crucifix inside of you
 after abstaining from Alcohol for 3 hours for you, you didn’t even call mai
Madge excuses herself and leaves Cheryl and Mike to discuss Cheryl’s vagina. Sarah joins the call to discuss her own vagina and how it pertains to Tristan. That’s how SHE loiks it.
The gurlz change the topic to HPV and annual physicals. A video of Sarah’s drunken Tristan obsession is presented to the live audience. Her favorite addiction mix includes alcohol, pez and Tristan vidoes.
More Memorable Quotes:
Did you say ball water?
It’s not really murder cream. White guys fart in my face something something.
I didn’t even see it so it didn’t help me get off.
I’m wearing a re-atard.
Donald Trump could call Oprah the n-word and people would still vote for him.
Madge gets her skype issues together so that Debra can finally join the grum. Cheryl questions where the previous donations are. Madge asks Debra’s opinion on Thursday’s new victim… uh… boyfriend. Happy chicken cream!
Sarah rejoins the call to get Debra’s opinion on the Tristan discussion. Debra would loik it more if he was “a few shades darker.” Madge thinks he’s a sex worker.
Debra discusses Chelsea Does Racism on Netflix. Stockholm syndrome abounds in Alabama. Madge switches to her bluetooth headset so she can do some cleaning while grumming. The quality is so bad that show notes may have to be made up at this point.
Cheryl discusses the newest amazing 4k ASMR video by Debra. It’s NOT how she loiks it. Mike and Madge discuss her cleaning attire. New panties and a feather duster complete the ensemble. Trotsky gets a mention as Madge cleans up a present left behind. Debra suggests a catheter.
Debra is a bit passive aggressive toward Cheryl as she lists off her buy-turn list. It’s like russian roulette with peppers. You never know what heat you’re going to get. Her yoga ball wasn’t the only thing that had a blow out as Debra discusses shitting on it.
The show begins to wind down as Sarah suggests self surgery youtube videos for the grum’s next video segment and Debra tries to convince Madge to call Stacy or New Stacy. Topics spin faster than Debra on her favorite toy. Madge leaves for yoga class but keeps the mic open. Cheryl and Debra listen to the class as Madge moves into downward dog… her favorite position.
The call participants fade away one by one as Cheryl finds herself all alone. Sad, lonely desperation is all that can be heard in Cheryl’s voice as she realizes the futility of her current situation while yoga class continues in the background from Madge’s open mic. Karma makes a play as Cheryl realizes this is payback for leaving the grum early so many times before.
Don’t miss a bit of today’s grum or the gurlz will put you on a gay poop-cruise to Cuba!

3 thoughts on “YR1279 Yoga Sk00l with the GIRLZ”

  1. Long time listener, really appreciate that you get the ‘gang’ together on occasion. Keeps me sane whilst I garden; although laughing to myself in the garden of the disability home has probably started to draw concern, although it’s nice to belong! Since listening Ragen, Bradley, Cheryl, Debs and yours truly for around 8 years I’ve long wished to do a podcast but I think a posh twatt from the UK will always have a limited audience.
    Keep podding on, gay culture needs you as Lord knows all the bars are just tourist attractions now
    Much love
    Samuel X

    1. Hi Samuel, if you do decide to grum and fancy an occassional co host, I can offer my services as a decidedly not posh working class Essex skank. It could be the start of a beautiful partnership/disappointing mistake x

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