YR1277 BANNED from State to State!

YR 01162016
This evening’s grum begins with Madge and Cheryl perusing a new Simply Fayutt video recipe by our favorite Golden Circle member, Matt Peters. Matt cooks up a mess-a-somethin’ that steams up our appetite…between breaths.
Rob Pickle joins the call as Madge plays a lovely Justin Bieber cover by “Fat Ugly Chick.” He hopes to get famous for his helpful tech support. Madge discusses seeing a new “pickle” of her own. Jealous?
Dirty Kitchen with Retarded Rob (Pickle) makes his video debut with a new parody of a Simply Sara recipe. Madge gives helpful critiques for future episodes.

A video of an open mic public comment forum brings the girls to rapid confusion and amusement as rape fatalities blamed on Obama are discussed in another kooky video. Madge finds another gem or two along the way.
Memorable Quotes:
Fat, ugly, obese, black. Is that good?
Cheryl is a cunt. Just accept that she’s a cunt.
I love the iPhone Galaxy.
Can you make your face look downsy?
Is this our MLK episode?
Stop eating!!
Blame the triscuits, Madge.
Madge throws a surprise call to Cheryl. Unfortunately, law enforcement may have to get involved. Instead of helping Cheryl with her problem, they give her a lesson in counting.
Taste test #3 with the Staton Sisters makes it’s Yeast Radio debut as Madge attempts to determine which of the two is the least hideous. Vegan haters and a trans woman demonstrating an estrogen application and a vibrating bra also get a viewing by the gurlz.
The gurlz attempt to call Thursday but Cheryl fucks it up twice with her inability to not eat during the grum. Steve Harvey has nothing on Cheryl tonight. The third time is the charm (after a lot of yelling by Madge) when Rob picks up the pieces with Thursday. Cheryl joins the conversation to give Thursday a bit of comfort and support but he has to get off the line.
More Memorable Quotes:
Is this after her forehead reduction?
She doesn’t put it in her puss?
Vooft. Un-vooft.
He could put his prostate on his knee.
No, we’re white. We’re ok.
He reminds me of a turkey. I’m waiting for the little bag of giblets to fall out.
I know this call was flagged.
Madge falls back to the old standby show filler, porn. She scrolls through her tumblr porn blog looking for a jelly donut while Rob searches for the next grum victim. Cheryl calls about an LED sign for sale but she seems to be looking for something a little more personal.
The gurlz call about a haunted monkey listed on Craigslist as Debra races home from the School For Girls to join the show but the post might be a bit misleading.
Mike joins the grum as the gurlz of the gruesome watch a video of a self fister and tail-dildo aficionado. A delightful surprise tickle’s the girl’s liyups and funny bones as a special something pops out to startle them to the point of gleeful giggles. Pop goes the weasel!
After walking out on her job at the School For Girls when they tried to force her to teach liberal values, Debra joins the grum and talks the girls into calling Thursday Lane again. Debra spreads her celebrity thick when trying to convince Thursday to join her in creating a new dance mix. Madge kicks Rob and Mike off the grum now that Debra has arrived.
Heather calls about a scent master for sale on Craigslist. She’s specifically interested in “womens’ smells” which may or may not include bodily fluids. Heather gets a little personal as the guy tries to figure out her REAL name. Things take a turn for the sexy as Heather gets wet. She probably needs that scent master even more now.
Heather talks to a middle eastern man who has his own cell phone business. She sings Britney for him as he tries to explain tech to her. A photo exchange later, Cheryl joins the conversation as Heather’s sister. Big deek on deck.
A vicodin trip causes giggles galore as Debra talks with a young woman about a fruit and cheese basket for her friend, Shelly who performed a little snip-snip for her. Old name, old money. But, being woozy from the meds and surgery, Debra takes a little tumble so Cheryl takes over.
Don’t miss a fragment of tonight’s grum or the currators of corrections will raid you faster than the militia occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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