YR1276 I don’t have a hot tub.

Lots of fun in this hot grum!
Madge and Cheryl begin tonight’s grum by eavesdropping on Madge’s neighbors. Debra joins shortly to complete the triangle of snoopers. Madge begs Debra for a link to her previous revelation of the most amazing poop audio she’s ever heard while she simultaneously berates Ragan in his failed attempts to share with her.

Madge and Ragan finally get their shit together so Madge can play some special clips of our lovely Stacy. The wait was well worth it. Stacy spews forth her words of wisdom and rivalry like a Roman at a vomitorium on harvest day.
Madge gives another look at Thursday Lane’s video requesting Jewish people call him. That Hall Cough ain’t funny!
Free Inhabitants unite when the gurls share a video of a poor, innocent free inhabitant feminist who is confronted by a law enforcement officer who won’t let her go free. He doesn’t know his own laws!
Memorable Quotes:
You hit me, mother fucker, and I’ll kill you.
You have style, huge clit.
You want it now? Well, bend over and I’ll give it to you doggie style.
Vooft. Un-Vooft. Vooft. Un-Vooft.
It’s never too late to be racial.
Darth Vader After Dark on Showtime!
The next god damn video in the god damn queue shows a god damn crazy lady confronting a stupid god damn man from Vesper City who killed his god damn parents who bore him by god damn rape and made him god damned angry so he slapped her in the god damned face because she was god damned white. God damn it.
Debra decides to use her grum time to call about a few items she wants from craigslist but she doesn’t get very far. Heather calls about a room for rent. She needs a robust, reliable internet service to keep her home business up and running 24/7. The renter exhibits a special understand of the internet. She may be Stacy’s long lost sister.
Heather calls Phil to catch up on recent events. She can’t fuck anymore since her surgery, but there’s nothing wrong with her mouth! Is your stocking full?
More Memorable Quotes:
You want me to wax my ass, baby? Leave it a little hairy for you?
The doctor says my pussy has uterine cancer.
Hello? Mr. McFrugal?
What’s good for a stomach ache? A big cock.
It’s great getting laid in a hot tub.
You wanna smell my poopy? Your pussy? No, my poopy.
I’m 6’4″. My shoes are 14 1/2. What would I do with a little cock?
Like the power ball. Oh, the power bottom?
Girdles Galore.
Madge, being the loving and caring person she is, calls her neighbor’s mother to get information on her neighbor. But voicemail wins tonight’s battle yet again.
The gurlz call Stacy. Again, she will have none of it at this late hour and almost immediately hangs up on Debra. Call her bayuck! Cheryl has a go at it and is threatened with law enforcement.
Heather calls her favorite speed-dial number, the pregnancy hotline. She’s looking for money for her abortion. But they quickly catch on and give her the finger in the form of a dial-tone. Heather’s No-Abort relationship is as complicated as the one between El Chapo and Sean Penn.
Madge blindly picks a random number from times gone by to call. Vibe Line ends up on the other end of the line. Cheryl is looking for a new man! Madge entertains the live audience with multiple streams of intelligentsia erotica while Heather finds herself a mayun on the Vibe Line. Cheryl, again, gracefully bows out of the show to grind her coffee and get some sleep.
Rebecca (Heather Dukakis) finds a sultry, deep voiced mayun to talk to who can’t quite figure out her name. Invalid entry. Invalid entry. Heather has a better chance of hooking up with this guy than winning the powerball jackpot after jumping to $900 million.
Still looking for a new place to live after her husband beat her from state to state, Debra calls for information on an apartment for rent for her and her cat. Her breathing treatment causes a bit of a communication issue. It seems Debra’s green lifestyle extends to her choice of breathing treatment, as well.
During a late-show intermission, Madge takes care of a few pressing issues while Debra reads a bit of random erotic fiction. Unfortunately, she gets a bit excited and has to take a break of her own to find some tissue for her wet chair.
Disabled Heather calls men from one of her adult chat lines. Man after man drops her as her clumsy demeanor asserts itself. She calls to place an order for pancakes at IHOP. Things take a turn for the worse as Madge berates Heather and the gurlz reenact a scene cut from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.
Heather makes a call to make a hotel reservation. Her service animals cause a bit of an issue as the hotel employee doesn’t want to take pets but Heather has “duckumentation” (TM FetusMcMuffin – live chat) proving they are service animals. No down pillows. Lauren stays on the call until help arrives for Catherine (Heather).
“Etta James” (TM Debra) continues the conversation with the gurlz to explain her family tree. Everyone seems more confused than before she started. The gurlz of giggles begin to drop the curtain on the grum as Etta, Debra and Madge discuss gong-bong meditation, guilt, mothers, self-awareness, purging from both ends at the same time and so much more.
Don’t miss a tidbit of tonight’s train of typical grum guffaws or the gurlz will pound you down flatter than Tila Tequila believes the Earth to be. No really. She does. Google it.

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