YR: Debatin’ with the GARLZ 01.17.2016 Democratic Debate COVERAGE

Debra and Madge take you on another debate journey.
Show Notes:
YR 01172016 Democratic Presidential Debate
Tonight’s special grum covering the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate opens with a lonely Madge carrying the show all on her own as Debra is a bit slow making it home from the School For Girls.
Madge and Debra discuss the crotchety poise of Bernie Sanders as Debra makes her way home to her closet podcasting studio for a better quality connection. The discussion turns to the most recent Republican debate where Ben Carson talks of EMPs and hackers.
Health care takes a front seat in the conversation as the candidates and the gurlz discuss the differences between Bernie’s plan to wipe the slate clean and start over which will be much harder than Hillary’s approach to do what is possible now.
Memorable Quotes:
I wouldn’t mind having a fappable president.
Let me talk about Poles.
Donations! Donations! Donations! 
Why didn’t anybody tell Bernie to shave his nose?
Oh my God. Now I’m just disgusted.
How do I turn off Hillary?
You look like the old guy who steals cookies at a Bar Mitzvah.

Madge begins to be swayed a bit toward Hillary by tonight’s debate. The duo discusses the thinness of the iPhone during a commercial break. Debra persuades Madge to share a trans-activist’s youtube video who protests Gamestop and Best Buy over a horrible situation, but the video must be continued on the next break as the debate returns.
Memorable Candidate Quotes:
(Crickets chirping)
Debra gives Madge a few tips on making a “Jelly Donut” ASMR video for youtube. A little secret comes to the surface as Madge discovers a secret behind-the-scenes 4k relationship between Debra and Vince from the live grum chat.
Bernie shares his feeling that there is a thaw in the country’s relationship with Iran. Hillary thinks it’s “one good day” in a years-long relationship and more are needed. Madge shares a special text she previously shared privately with Cheryl.
Becoming a bit disinterested in the debate, Madge decides to turn Bernie, Hillary and that other guy down and go back to the “Gamestop” video. A spritz of peppers later, and having their palates cleared a bit, Madge and Debra return to the debate.
Memorable Live Chat Quotes (Lots of memories tonight):
 Hillary’s aim is attacking Bernie, Bernie’s aim is attacking corruption.
< @GigaTigga> the problem is theres no way hillary can pay for her hair cut on individual campaign contributions
 He’s turning into a Dalek I believe
 when is the alien going to come out & eat the others?
 double cobbing is one of my favorite things
 Is he made of colored pastels?
Debra shushes Madge so she can hear the candidates talk about privacy issues. Madge dozes off from total boredom. Miracles happen as another commercial break thrusts itself upon the grum so Debra queues up a new remix of September.
Heading back to the debate has Hillary talking about getting advice from dear husband on presidential matters. Bernie is asked about his past comments on Bill Clinton’s past transgressions. Debra thinks he’s a good person for his response. Madge thinks Hillary’s vagina is shivering for Bernie like she’s doing full-touch splits on ice in a one piece figure skating costume.
Madge wishes for a Bernie snot explosion during his closing statements. Debra feels the full brunt of Madge’s undeserved eating scorn so she reveals her PTSD derived from Cheryl’s constant grum eating.
The gurlz move from the live debate to a couple of clips from the last Republican debate between Cruz and Trump. Debra believes Cruz is a corporation construct. Literally. Madge is amazed that there are YUGE lines for people wanting to see Trump’s events.
More Memorable Quotes:
She pulled a Trump on that one.
I’d cam with him in 240 interlaced.
I’m gonna vomit all over my youtube vagina.
Well fuckin’ great!
He should have Anderson Cooper Hair.
Is she having an affair with the Bern?
His face looks like a messy bedroom of a 14 year old girl. Stuff is falling out.
I didn’t think he’d have a white bitch answering the phone.
Madge addresses another heated debate but this time from the live chat room. She won’t side with anyone, but Debra wants to side with the member who donates the most. Madge tries to calm the whole group by live-ASMRing a jelly donut feeding. Tingles abound as Debra directs Madge. She whispers her deepest donut confessions and tongues some jam. Madge may have to send her mic out for professional cleaning.
Debra shares a link with Madge and the grum so that she can glean some tips for future ASMR productions. There must be a river dam nearby because beaver abounds when Madge shows Debra a crotch shot accidentally.
Debra feels a bit nostalgic so she calls a craigslist ad for information about a record player. A long list of media types later has Debbie listening to a dial tone. Debra calls another craigslist ad poster but she can’t remember which of his ads she wants. A big box of books gets Debbie all wet and bothered.
Stinky lies! Let’s get ’em outta here! Madge shares a fast clip from The Angelic Initiative. She moves on quickly to another ASMR video but gets bored almost immediately. Debra needs a little blow so she finds an ad for a saxaphone played by famous blues magicians.
The duo makes a call to a craigslist ad for a fur coat. Debra knows her stuff as the couple on the line is barraged with question after question. Mama may be haunting more than the fur. Little Debbie gets angry with a 90 something who’s doll is no longer for sale. Crazy doll lady gives Debra the dial tone finger. Heather calls Stevie about a boudoir photo but gets the wrong number.
The gurlz begin to shutter the windows on the show with a call about vacuums for sale for the “clinic.” As usual, Debbie gets a little personal with her questions. Another call has Debra asking for wood that is safe for cooking. She whinnies at the price!
Don’t omit a moment of tonight’s special debate coverage grum or the gurlz may debate your Golden Circle membership!

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