YR1270 Movies With The Girls Take on Clueless

Madge’s clueless plastic surgeon doesn’t want her doing any activity where balls fly at her nose. There goes her social life. Madge and Debra queue up Clueless for tonight’s Movies With The Girls.

Join the girls, Cher, Dionne, Tai, Josh and the rest of the Clueless cast in tonight’s compelling episode of Movies with the Girls.
Proded by a question from the live grum chat, Madge explains how his mother got her an A grade in school. The girls touch other topics including Alzheimers, The Martian and 3D movies, “Let’s Get Retard in Here,” what’s for dinner and nose jobs.
Debra explains how her face was ruined by a Whole Foods face soap and the following ordeal with management. She finally found resolution when she received her rape-card in the mail.
The ethnicities of the actors come into question as the girls discuss their use of mayo and the shear amount of refrigerators in one house.
Memorable Quotes:
A black person having a nice house? Come on.
Is that before you had your period? Why didn’t you know about things like that.
I put that shit on my face and it started burning like Bernie Sanders’ campaign.
Oh my god, camel toe!
It’s not really a void of food. It’s a void of Apple products.
Is that Charo?
I don’t really remember. I was high in college. Mostly I just sat under a tree and smoked pot.
Debra and Madge examine the fruitarian diet when Debra mentions that Ashton Kutcher became ill after following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs. He lost more weight than Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June in her new blue jeans.
A quick technical issue leads to a revelation that Madge shouldn’t use airplay to send files during a grum. Madge has to catch the video up to the live audience. Adjustments may be necessary.
More memorable quotes:
He’s such a stud in this movie but I hate him.
Oh. This is a rape.
Oh my lord. Look at that girl’s fupa.
What’s wrong with a unibrow?
Is he gonna fuck her in the mouth?
Debra, I made a fart.
I want to see his penis. Do they show it?
Madge explains that she overly-long silence is because he’s reading about Donald Trump having a book of Hitler speeches by she bed and that she’s doing a bit of online shopping. Someone’s getting a dish drying mat for Christmas!
As Cher and her beau shop their way through the mall, Madge and Debra discuss the intricacies of buying a Polo shirt, Church’s Chicken, Ralph Lauren, Izod and Nautica. Some retail therapy may be in the girls’ future… and a lot of returns a few weeks later.
Even more memorable quotes:
This coming from someone with an Apple watch… and an abortion.
It’s sad when you see gays dressed like that now.
Lazy bitch!
Big girls in the movies looking at the camera. They put a donut on top of it.
I’m gonna buy you a set of lead straws. Hold on a second.
Girdle piss.
You know what? I’ll call you later. Don’t call me again.
The dyad of the indignant discuss their displeasure in diminutive traffic violations and the disproportionate rage it generates as Debbie discovers generously proportioned lady extras moooo-ving around in the background of the movie.
Madge peruses Amazon for a travel cup for coffee as Debra tries to talk her into a set of copper straws to go with it. Debra hints at how most packages arrive damaged and the law won’t allow broken glass to be shipped back. Hint.
Madge continues her quest for the perfect travel cup with advice from debra and the live chat room and Debra critiques personals Craigslist postings in the meantime. Debra can be heard taking private notes in the background for later.
Debra calls a Craigslist ad when she comes across a blowout sale for a queen set for her food fetish. She’s hungrier than Jarod Fogle realizing he’s not eating Subway again for 15 years. She can’t believe the low price so she’s a bit suspicious. Completely out of the ordinary for Debra, the questioning takes a turn toward the politcally incorrect.
Another Craigslist posting has Little Debbie looking for a cheap facebook computer. Surprisingly, she knows less about how the internet works than some politicians. The sympathetic young man tries his best to help Debra, but she throws him for a loop at every turn. He wants this sale so he offers more aid than Charlie Sheen at a mobile blood bank. Even Debra’s feral cats can’t scare him away.
The mistresses of the mystified drop the curtain on the show as Madge discusses an alternate history show involving hitler. Don’t give those politicians any ideas! Will Madge ever drink coffee on the go again? Will Debra admit her fetish for Flipper Boy? Don’t miss a crumb of tonight’s grum or the girls will leave your cake out in the rain!

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