Rosemary's Baby

YR1260 Movies with the Girls watch Rosemary’s Baby

In honor of ween month, we watch a horror masterpiece, Rosemary’s Baby… Just us GIRLS! Enjoy.
Rosemary's Baby

Show Notes:
Tonight’s creepy, crawly, hole-tingling episode sees the 3 matrons of mayhem queuing up Rosemary’s Baby in honor of their favorite upcoming religious holiday, All Hallows Eve. 

The show opens with a verbal study on Rose Marie from The Dick Van Dyke show. Not too surprising, though, two of the girls didn’t quite get the connection so Madge moves right into the main attraction.

Memorable Quotes:
He’s using Simply Sarah bakeware.
She’s gonna eat his ass out! Look at how he’s sitting.
And did you see her mammy nipples?
It looks like piss… so frothy.

The ladies of leisure wax poetic on the ancient culture of the time period. #Triggered memories abound as the threesome rediscover items in the movie long forgotten from their own pasts.

More Memorable Quotes:
Pannus root?
That’s why vaginas have women attached to them.
If he still wants to fuck her, something’s wrong with him.
Cheryl, did you ever have sex with Satan?
My vagina? Is it okay?
You know what? This is how Obama was born.
But if she gets in the closet, where will Tom Cruise go?

Over the live chatroom’s usual discontent with the movie choice, the girls continue with their tipically poignant commentary. The movie takes us all farther down Satan’s ruptured prolapse of a rabbit hole that is this work of art as we approach the twisted conclusion.

Don’t miss an iota of this first-rate, outstanding episode of Movies With The Girls… or your next pumpkin spiced latte may be laced with a bit of Satan’s own demon juice right from his steaming, hooded tap.

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