YR1259 Chiffon Shitting Couture with Caitlyn and friends

Oh the GIRLZ have some fun tonight! You’ll enjoy it and so will Caitlyn. Eat it out.
Show Notes:

The girls start the grum with their usual mishaps and mayhem. The Three Stooges have nothing on this trio as they fumble through the first half hour of Cheryl feeding her face and Madge trying to make her stop. The show continues as the girls try to queue up a “masterpiece” video snipped together by Debra. But she makes the entire audience wait because she needs her caffeine fix first.

Notable quotes from tonight’s grum:
How come they’re all faggots?
Is she peeing?!? This is like the exorcist. She’s peeing!
Cheryl, you get dumber every day.
You’re gonna tell me a story about your goddamned fucking pussy.
Private raper.
Ok. I got my ducks in a row.
Is it true that in the future you’re a woman?
Um… I have a fucking pussy!
Omg we are so fucking soul mates!
I was not NOT gonna get him off.

Debra serenades the audience with her loverly classically trained voice. Cheryl and Madge, being the jealous ladies they are, snigger at her in the background. Debbie doesn’t let it phase her… externally. But a keen ear can tell she seems to slip a little toward one of her psychotic episodes. In the meantime, Madge can’t keep her fingers from researching huge celebrity dong. Madge mutes Debra finally as she and the chat room beg for her to stop singing.

Tonight’s first few calls have Debra, Cheryl and Madge searching high and low for a chiffon dress to wear to a live-cooking buffet but the girls want to know if they offer gluten free dishes for a duckatarian. Special guest star Caitlyn Jenner’s attemp to call for a dinner reservations goes just as expected. 

Another special guest, Heather Feather, reaches out to a new friend but he’s not exactly convinced she’s sporting lady liyups. She’s not one to give up, though. She searches for a man to fill her empty hole… in her heart… I mean, personally. Fortunately, she finds a soul mate. But things turn quite awkward as the girls learn more about this special man.

Here’s the thing. Don’t miss a second of this action packed stinky-button-tingling episode!

2 thoughts on “YR1259 Chiffon Shitting Couture with Caitlyn and friends”

  1. The retard call at the end was the worst. Ugh, it just dragged on and on. I just wanted Dumb debbie to talk about her pussy and how wet she was and how she won first place at The Special Olympics for wettest pussy. THAT would have got her donations. I really liked it when Madge put it on mute when Dumb debbie was “singing”. I gave $8.00 for that.

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