YR1258 MWTG Watch Mandingo

Enjoy this fun as Debra and Madge watch Mandingo and comment on it.


The Jefferson’s next door neighbor makes an appearance in tonight’s movie, Mandingo. The girls drool from both ends from this masterpiece of the male and female form as it unfolds before them in all it’s full frontal revelation. Diana Ross, Angela Bassett, Nellie Olsen, Ben Franklin, Titty Oneal, Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Cosby also make cameo appearances.

Notable quotes from tonight’s grum:
A Christmas raping for everyone! Ho ho whore.
Look at them titties!
I do declare. I’ll never swallow again.
I nevah nevah nevah done it!
Mayhaps her titties are itching.
Dick ain’t racist.
She slip her sucker!
She’s gonna crochet him to death.
He doesn’t jack off either so he just fuckin’ blew a 2 liter bottle.
Grab a titty, baby.

The girls want to share the experience with their good friend, Phil so they give him a ring during the movie. The short but sweet call ends amicably and the girls get back to the movie.

Sex, adultery, murder and interracial relations color the experience for the girls as the tension builds until the natural conclusion of one of the best Movies With The Girls episodes ever! Don’t miss a second.

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