One thought on “YR1246 RIP Bobbie Katrina or whatever.”

  1. Overall, very good episode with Madge and Churyll. I was very annoyed with Debbie’s antics after a while. She kept throwing numbers out to call, like the chicken call, which Churyll did, but it wasn’t funny at all. Then Debbie calls and it’s even worse. If she thinks it’s so damn hilarious, she can do it on her grum. Then, she fucks up the Phil call (AGAIN!!!) with her REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING singing. OMG, it is the worst, I actually want to slit my eyeballs. The Phil call was boring at first, but then Cheryl saves it by being dirty, and Debbie fucks it up by singing. She needs to learn to edit herself, she’s not as funny as she thinks she is. I love Debbie when she’s on the chat line, either crying or on the toilet while trying to be sexy. She’s amazing at that. But complaining and bitching about calling Ted Cruz and chicken places, ugh, one can only take so much. Madge and Cheryl, great grum, Debbie, I like you, but with all due respect, this is Madge’s show.

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