yr1226web lady bunny and the the trans pacific partnership or TPP with Madge weinstein on yeast radio

YR1226 Lady Bunny and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Lady Bunny and I had a nice long chat about a very important topic that nobody seems to give a shit about. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is something you need to know about. Please listen and please continue to educate and give a shit about the world you live in.

“You’re in this world, you know.”
– Big Edie

yr1226web lady bunny and the the trans pacific partnership or TPP with Madge weinstein on yeast radio

8 thoughts on “YR1226 Lady Bunny and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)”

  1. interesting!

    also the 66% or whatever it was in the UK election recently was considered a high turn out.. highest number in 18 years.

    The whole political & economic system is fucked – capitalism doesn’t work for anyone but the capitalists, can’t we have socialism now?

  2. This episode was great. I loved seeing this side of Lady Bunny. I know I need to be more educated about my world but I want drag queens and lesbians to give me my news. This was a nice throwback to when Madge’s grum was almost all politics involving the elections and primaries. What can we do to stop the TPP other than raising awareness about it?

  3. What can be done? Probably nothing. Little things like Benie Sanders campaign and the socialist elected to Seattle’s city council and some minimum wage votes are encouraging.
    But to what end?

    Your conversation kept asking why is no one talking about this — most people are completely oblivious and/or propagandized or terrified to the point of babbling madness. The brainwashing, distraction and sheer exhaustion of surviving in our culture makes any kind of coherent critique of this system very difficult to form. It’s especially tough when everything necessary to survive only reinforces the system. Questioning our economic arrangements brings repression and attack on the smallest level – social ostracism and risk of job loss – to the highest level of someone like Snowden or Manning being directly destroyed for pulling back the curtain. How do you survive without continuing the mess?

    The entire setup is curving towards complete open worldwide fascism, with ever increasing severity and brutality.

    The twin idiotic narratives of Obama beings wildly more liberal than his presdecessors or a turn coat against his original progressive supporters are a waste of time. More distraction. Obama was very open about his right wing beliefs in 2008.

    Obama or any modern president is simply the hood ornament on the Cadillac of fascism.

  4. Listen to this podcast on nice crisp monday morning, september the 21th in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Its refreshing to actually hear some people who can think and debate as grown ups. Proud gay feelings emerge. Sad thing is that even here in europe EVERYTHING about the tpp is being hushed up and not discussed. And we have the same issues here to. Politicians are bought and bribed and they still get away with it. It was a true pleasure listening to you both even though the subject and situation are quite dire.

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