7 thoughts on “YR1200 SOLO GRUM TIME!”

  1. A lot of bronies and con-goers in general are easily offended due to having Asperger’s syndrome. Those sort of people have no sense of humor.

    I’m part of the anime cosplaying subculture myself, but every community has their idiots.

    Dr. Who does suck. A lot. For every reason you mentioned.

    Also, god I hate memes now that they’re so mainstream. They used to be cool if you were on the imageboards back in the day, but now it’s just cringeworthy because even Facebook grandmas are trying to make them and pass them around.

  2. Mayudge, I suggest your Kickfarter should be for a best-of Yeast Radio DVD! You’re already going through old material… so… yeah. I still have the last one you made.

    The last job I was at had a flannel Friday. My college-aged coworkers liked dress-up, too. Oh, and they were always on Facebook and Reddit.

  3. All of your solo grums involve you cleaning your room which makes me want a version of Hoarders without the shitty music stings and instead just shows a person cleaning their shit and talking. Because if most ‘whore’ders are as fascinating as you tend to be, that’d be excellent TV.

    Don’t watch the new Doctor Who. Its production values have gotten annoyingly high. The old show is much better.

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