9 thoughts on “YR1190 Bed, Bath, and Beyond BLOWOUT!”

  1. wow..
    that last collaboration call was something else, i tell ya
    i think the “Beauty and the Beast” scenario is quite fitting and came very naturally. i think Cheryl can adopt a blk man’s alter ego quite seamlessly.
    tl,dr moar abusive blk bf calls lolz

  2. SO AMAZING. That one LEWNGE call was so great. Almost made me think she was in on it. I come for the banter and stay for the calls and cycling. WHEN THE NEXT EPISODE OF THE RADIO PLAY GON’ COME ON!?


  3. Totally agree about Amy Sedaris Madge – it’s a crime that her career is where it is. She deserves any comedic job she wants – Strangers with Candy is one of the most well crafted comedies – ever. It’s too bad most people are too stupid to appreciate its brilliance.

    The calls were hilarious and I loved Cheryl being Debras husband and harassing her about the abortion. But the domestic violence was just too much – those are real people who are going to be thinking about that call and worrying about a woman somewhere being beat by her husband.

  4. I’m always amazed how well trained and professional helpline counselwhores are in the US. Just imagine them talking to real people with real problems…

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