YR1189 Piss My Girdle

This is an AMAZING Yeaster Grum. Some LEGENDARY calls are in this grumble!
yeast radio 1189 piss my girdle

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5 thoughts on “YR1189 Piss My Girdle”

  1. That’s a very lapsey Easter! Loved the phone calls and the American Whorehole Story! It also struck me that the Putt / Sylvia / toy shop /Yonnie Yonson story sounds just like an episode of Scooby Doo.

  2. Oh Lord… I found the prolapse video. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but Cheryl how dare you refuse to watch it. The particular channel on the XTubes is about everything you’ve ever espoused as HOK and you should be promoking your video to that demographic. The people commenting on that video are the real prolapse lovers out there. They see it, they live it, they eat it for Communion.

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