YR1183 FitBit Causing Cheryl’s Walls Fall Out

A nice long pogrom with some nice talk with Madge Weinstein and Cheryl Merkowski followed by some nice prank calls from Debra Wilkerson.

fitbit album art yeast radio 1183 cheryl merkowski walls fall out

WFO SUCCESS http://wallsfallout.com
Dalek AHS Catfeesh back on line http://youtu.be/X8J_pQaiKBs
FITBIT LAPSE CHERYL – lapse infection round the BASE of said LAPSE (LAPSEY)
kobek moving videos – pls2post!
content thieves
Top NYC Gogo Boy loves Walls Fall Out: Matthew Camp

rosie is fat
prolapse meme
if life gives you lemons, cure cancer
fat woman stuck on british toilet
xdope fun
compruder sing Walls Fall Oout
cheryl sings “boy you are fayutt”
lots of cheryl songs- sexy chat line song
extremely obese and housebound
everyone loves doody
my womb was severely infected
it is what it is (weegs)
legendary potato salad
BOGO shonees rape + abortion
help line #fail #bortie
Debra Wilkerson joins us (Church of Debra)
Coughing Grandma
Gladwyze’s reading attempts
finding the right mattress eater in the family
you lose your purse & I lose my purse. know what debra means?
Planning for Gladwyze’s reading.
spriit guide Garret (gurlz)
calling the A* store again
A* store lady = saved
does a macbook pro come with a keyboard & mouse?
letting A* know that deb was raped at shonees in korea
BOGO Shonees mac pro
mattress video: mac pro or imac? natalie?
girls girls girls
gonna close the school
callin’ the staym warks (turned out to be a fan but that’s another story)
BOGO Prolapse
seattle werkz – lost purse – deb can find other peoples’ purse but to her own purse.
doody on dildos so don’t open purse – gifted from NICK STARR
scat room?
DEB prolasped due to gang rape by large penissed black men
more prolapse outreach needed. new weave more popular than walls fall out
getting walls fall out played at sidetrack
looking for Frenchie? VUJ
debra calls for psychic advice about:
mattress career
rape history
snikerdoodle in dreams
is she beeg?
tampon looked like dead baby in dream
needs mattress psychic
deb is FAYUTT = not a problem for psychic
needs ronny to done pull on her
SBB Doody Cruise
Sylvia Browne at too much dairy. That’s why she died.
Long rods cured Sylvia but was on the other side already.
(what happens when you get sick and die on the other side?)
illegal not to rip people off during psychic readings
™black spock psychic needed – mz london
psychic not happy that someone already on the phone
deb needs mattress help from mz london
free 3 minnies
“are you ok that i have dark spocks on my fayce?”
José has big psychic cock
psychics know how DEEP cheryl’s PUSSY is
another psychic called
life gives you lemons? cure cancer.
psychic is in florida which means you can trust him
debra = no silver bells on earth
what does debra need read:
1. chinese ppl on bus
2. lemons lemonade advice
3. grandma was small => died
4. aunt theresa died ate herself to grave
5. fat in the castet = shame
: deb’s plate is FULL! needs a long assed reading
6. cheryl was raped by blaque man at shonees
7. worried about cousin kerri
8. madge need job
9. ken dog burnt
10. nick star goggles
errybody wants deb to solve it all
11. sleep apnea
12. diabetis
13. bridge walking off
psychic too expsive for poor gladys so gets transferred to free heyulp lawn
psychic yells at glad wise for being poor so transfers her to it-
NOT NICE- listen for the SUPRISE
——deb needs a charge
callling joni simmons at hotel in amsterdam
deb needs abortion at hotel museumzicht
they told madge to shut up in 1989 = revenge
broccoli farts: good?
prayer and care BOGO
debra attempts to schedule a rape with the ihop
can you hear the wind fernando?
snickers bar abba rape cover
debra desperate for a rape
calling another bath house
deb asks about rape night?
what about fisting & prolapse night?
get saved.
paypal to [email protected] thanks

6 thoughts on “YR1183 FitBit Causing Cheryl’s Walls Fall Out”

  1. Fat listener: Not my place, but, I don’t know how I feel about the new ad campaign. I don’t think most gays, who could not justifiably be called human, could appreciate the beauty that is Cheryl. They could only like Cheryl in terms of unthinking, reactive emotions-in terms of how the video evokes in them the amusing, purely graphic, mechanical reaction of *ew.* And for me that reduces Cheryl to shock-value. I don’t care for Fox but anyone who has spent the time to read his stuff would know that Madge & Cheryl are up to quite a bit more than producing shock media. There is a part of me that resents distributing Madge/Cheryl en masse. Anyways, loved the show; Deb was brilliant.

  2. prolap.se is now a fake blog, prolly set up to earn ad rev. It just says retarded things about office work. made up on the spot by someone paid to do it, it seems.

    debra, your suicide hotline-invoking mini rant was stellar and completely amazing to endure.

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