16 thoughts on “YR1172 Emergency Grum: Sylvia Browne Seance and Memorial Cervix”

  1. Guess she malfunctioned for the last time, Bah Dip Dop Doop!! I like to think that Sylvia is up in heaven showing her talons to Francine.

  2. Simply – BEST CHERYL GRUM EVER! Example: “I had my teeth pulled surgically.” Caller wanted to impress the Rilch pointing out it wasn’t like last time he used twine, a door handle and granny’s non-stroke arm.

  3. Cheryl the call was AMAZING. There were so many highlights. I loved when the guy started calling it doody “and then he did a doody on my chest”. Oh and when you got him to admit to having a small penis. Him dressing up as Paula Deen and getting raped by a black man, LOL

  4. LISTEN “HH”, I have the most respect for my sistee™®© SYLVIA BROWNE as anyone else ,probably moar. I was an INNER CIRCLE™®© membee and she even gave me a READING once: http://vimeo.com/15860682. Why you gotta hate? This GRUM and every other grum is a dedication to whore memory and the amazing MIRACLE that she and her SPIRIK GUIDE (to the left/to the right) FRANCEEN were. #NOH8. And i’ve read all her books and agree, they were loife changing naids! WEUWEUWEUWEU #GlassEyeIsNowInWOUTER

  5. Cheryl was impeccable in this grum.

    Her and her peenk lip-gloss-glistening ####.

    I hope you call that porn wannabe back at some stage.

    Cheroil’s audio masturbation complete with lip gloss is now my new phone sound.
    Now that Sylvia is on the other side I hope she doesn’t encounter too many of a certain species meandering about the grounds.
    Required viewing at this tme: Madge’s “Angel” video in hommage to Sylvia Browne (Born Sylvia Celeste, the shoemaker’s daughter)

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