9 thoughts on “YR1168 Hi Five Abortions and Lapse ID”

  1. O MAYUDGE this was a real guud caull to NOABORTk. WEUWEUWE. #AreUBeatinOffGURL?!? u like how i got real sassaye with whore? O AND NICE NEW WEBSYKE MADGE, very millennial mobile theme theme #BOOTCAMPcamp

  2. i guess it’s an american thing. this abortion hysteria with uneducated blaques. what ever floats your bloat.

    i’ve been listening since ’05 and it’s an addiction i can’t kick.
    chauncey, gussie, cold-feet norm, roadtrips, berbacia, podshow, andy-mobbing, POLITIQUING for real…

    i guess I dream a dream in time gone by.

  3. Madge is an American thing, honey. And abortion never gets old here. As you may have noticed?

    (Amazing show btw)


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