5 thoughts on “YR1167 Like a Turd in Flight (yeast mashup)”

  1. Dear Madge,

    iOS 7 isn’t so bad honey…you can use the CONTROL CENTER to easily access the STOPWATCH and COUNTDOWN TIMER so you can remember to take your red wine out of the fridge, or estimate how long it takes to encrypt a disk image…because I just want to send a file to a friend, and I’m tired of the NSA lookin at my goddamn shit!

    I miss your political commentary Madge…there are so many events I would love to hear your take on…how about these MAVERICK county clerks in NM issuing marriage licenses to gay couples? I have always had this idea of New Mexico as a sort of refuge of liberalism in the southwest…this seems to confirm it. I would love to take a road trip out there. If anyone doubts Alburquerque shouldn’t be a gay vacation destination should just read the Wikipedia for husky BILL RICHARDSON.

  2. In love with everything Stevie. Im sure you are hate stalking her and, I love that – because if there is anyone who can came up with new wonderful hilarious things to say about her — it is you. “I cant wait!”

    Stevie interviews are the best. Here is a good one. About 3:40 she starts talking the best lines.


    I love Stevie and I love your show.

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