YR1162 A Mess, A Premiere, and a Mash of Yeast

solo babble
michael harren’s new single
grizzleturd art update
more babble
mashup psychobitch + dalek +SBB

yeast radio epsode 1162 album art

5 thoughts on “YR1162 A Mess, A Premiere, and a Mash of Yeast”

  1. I really enjoyed the Mikeypod-song!
    And it was just a short innocent moment that my dirty mind went to some all Cynthia Plaster Caster when Girzelda talked about putting concrete into her husband’s *stuff*… XD
    Actually her art projects sound really interesting! Also, the idea of her husband wearing his shirts until they are held together by a thread makes him very relatable to me 🙂

  2. luved luved the mixed jam, u rocked my lips girl. i never knew an old gal like you could reach back and sling vinyl like a pro.4 days later, andI’m stilll twittering around like a fairy godmother.

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