Yeast Video: Madge Weinstein on the DOMA Decision

Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio is VERY angry at people who are revising history by conveniently neglecting to mention the fact that Bill Clinton signed DOMA into law.

5 thoughts on “Yeast Video: Madge Weinstein on the DOMA Decision”

  1. Fantastic rant Madge. Refreshing to see you urging people to remember the not so distant past. To still be aware of political machinery & not lose their heads even in the face of what may be positive news today. Did not know that about Clinton.

  2. Thanks for this Naidzilla. I remember when I was a very young and recently out gay when DOMA was signed. The message that sent completely overwhelmed me and effected how I viewed myself as a member of society for a long time. Sometimes you gotta put on your crusted over dishwater vagina and get in these kids faces about it. We absolutely cannot forget where this came from in the first place.

  3. Excellent and necessary rant! The hypocrisy of the signers of DOMA always chapped my ass. I hope you’ll reach the young’uns! #CivilRights

  4. A++++ Madge. I’m one of those millennial gays you mentioned, I knew that Bill Clinton had signed DOMA into law, but I didn’t know it happened in the midst of the AIDS epidemic and that it was before the protease inhibitors came out. Fantastic historical perspective!

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