Yeast radio 1146 hyperbailey

Yeast Radio #1146 Put the Jar Away!

Some nice things today including Aunt Lena and a remix of Hyperbailey

Yeast radio 1146 hyperbailey

Show Notes:
Aunt Lena: The Sopranno
Hyperbailey Redux
Where in the world is Wanda Wisdom?
Amish Wisdom replaces Wanda
That sort of thing
Going to Berlin, Athens and NY this monf. Meet me. [email protected]
Cat memes and myspace hell.
Gay gag order in Russia
The Uptown Theater
Gentrification in Uptown
Crazy IG people.
New Musique

4 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1146 Put the Jar Away!”

  1. I miss Wanda so much, on the radio she can’t be as funny.
    Is Amish Wisdom as racist?
    You called me fat on the show. At least I’m not a lesbian

  2. Sometimes I go seek out old episodes of Lucky Bitch Radio / The Progrum because I miss Wanda’s grum. Thanks for putting those old ETHS back up, that helps with the Wanturd-cravings too

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