5 thoughts on “Yeast Radio 1129 Naked Blones in the Wild – SOLO”

  1. The laptop equivalent of the blone is found in abundance at my local library and it makes me think of you, Madge. Cumbersome early aughties pc laptops that are FILTHY and louder than jet engines. Blaptops? Blapblops? But anyway.

  2. Interesting talk about Aluminium. I read that it has been linked to breast cancer (from the Aluminium which is a key ingredient in most deodorants) and dementia (when it’s been absorbed over the digestive system, from tin foil, frying pans et cetera). Stainless steel is a good choice, though you have to watch out for Nickel-steel which can cause allergies… Oy vey, life is hoard.

  3. Think of all the tubbing that waturd travels b4 reaching ur faucet . think of all the chemical this water is treated with.
    Rich ppl drink water from Fiji or the Antarctic from glass bottles bc they know.
    ~My son ,Christopher, does marvelous readings.

  4. a friend of mine Barnash (pronounced Bar Nash), got the ALU sickness just from resting his paws on his Macbook Pro, he successfully sued Apple for 13 thousand and now lives in the West Indies with his sister Reeka (Pronouced Ree – Ker) and two small children (Bung 25 and Mucksi 18) prounounced Bar Ung and Muck See).

    His health has improved, he cooks in ceramic now and runs a nightclub for people with deformities – talk about giving back to the world, Way to go Barnash!

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