9 thoughts on “Yeast Radio #1123 O Solo Grumhole”

  1. I understand your feelings of being propagandized. But the fact is in life you end up having to choose between the lesser of evils, and once the choice is made you have to defend it. You must admit, at least our side is trying to do better, right?

  2. Audio difficulties? Surely, Madame, you jest!

    I would argue that the choice isn’t as much edit out/not edit out torture, but more like make the movie with torture/not make the movie at all.
    If drawn to its extreme.

    Torture is wrong, even if it works, right?
    But, if torture is shown as being a go-to interrogation technique the practice gets coded into society as something regularly appearing, accepted and eventually emotionally numbing; lex TV’s 24.

    On the other hand, of course they shouldn’t edit out torture if it’s “the truth”. The audience must be left to draw their own conclusions, etc. Even if you then risk ending up with Fox News’ hate-feeding.

    Anyway, yes, your homesickness proved stronger than your chance to live in a different culture, society. That’s normal! But what was it really that you missed? Maybe this is an important question to focus on if you want things to change…?

    Surely, it wasn’t just for the chance to observe freaks first hand?

  3. I can literally listen to you speak about anything. Your voice is so soothing. (even better when you’re fully conscious and coherent)

    Anywayz, I wish there were more cross-promotion between indie broadcasters. People are missing great indie content just because artist such as urself are so “underground”.
    I guess iTunes provides a platform for “podcasters”, but if your’re not into the whole Mac subculture chances are your’re not using it.

  4. “You ought to be in pigturds, it’s wonderful to see. You ought to be in pigturds, oh what a hit you would be”
    Excellent to hear you Go daddy quick blogging, as always Madge. Catching up on quality content again at this end. Regret not having met you as planned when you were in France. Shit happened. I now know what a tremeeeeeeeendous time you had. Really sorry about that, like I always say- Paris is a wonderful city- without the parisians. Anyway wiieeeeuuuuwww, keep on grumming- tu est la meilleure! Girdle.

  5. I agree with Laryaids. I always listen to madge’s solo grums when I’m going to sleep – they whisk me off. However, when loud clips are played in the middle, I wake up and fast forward. So much better with just her voice.

  6. Hey Madge – I have not been able to listen to much democracy now! for a bit. While I am interested in knowing about news, that show makes me feel and act cynical. I am depressed enough on my own. I dont need positive shit all the time and love Barbara Ehrenreich but, Democracy Now! makes me depressed about humanity on a too large a scale to deal with. I hate Rachel Maddow. I hate her joke presentation and esp hate how the cool kids copy her cadence.

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