16 thoughts on “YR1107 So Long and Thanks For All the Entrails!”

  1. Paris is a glittering fantasy for many and you are experiencing people’s projections. Perhaps it is better as a vacation spot or a pure fantasy than the reality, but they may not want to know that.

    My Paris fantasy is to be able to afford to stay there in a bigger place with a working fridge.

  2. I’m so glad you’re coming back to Amerikkunt. I want you be healthy, happy and whole. I totally understand depression and bullshit and meds. Oi. I go through it on a daily basis. I’m glad you’re not stopping the podcast all together. Love you!

  3. I think I might’ve been the person who said the Bois or Jardins or wherever looked fastastic. But I certainly wasn’t projecting and/or suggesting that you should aspire to live in Paris for goddamn forever, Weinstein. The light was good, the setting was beautiful, and the people looked chic. End of story.

  4. I’m sad to hear that you’re leaving the Europes, I was kinda hoping you would move on to living in Amsterdam, Berlin or Copenhagen at some point, but when you’re homesick, there’s not much else you can do but moving back…
    Well, at least you’ll be reunited with Trotsky, and with your niece and nephew.

  5. Yay!!! So happy you’re returning! You can be with your Trotsky, more grums with Cheryl(phat) and come back just in time to yell at all these worthless republicunts! Women at Large, Naughty Sylvia, and the Coco-dorms and Vagina lady too! Oh my!!!!

  6. * “…the 2D portrait of Europe…”
    “…Paris/France blows.”

    Yeah, I hated the pressure/people/life in New York – thusly Portland, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver, Boston and Atlanta sucks.

    * You nip a rose bud before it blooms.

    * Sorry about your vagina collapse.

    Ok, nuff with the bashing.

    Madge, you have all the right to choose your own happiness. Don’t feel too bad this experiment didn’t work out. You obviously need your family, dog, grindr, the U.S. more than a situation that looks good at paper but in effect choked you.

    I hope you will find a good place for you back home.

    * (Marie) Antoinette as a good bye tune… Nice touch.

    Fly safe. Hear you later.

  7. Madge, I sympathize , plus share your experience in many ways. A place might be nice to VISIT while on vacation, but completely miserable to LIVE in. Every day life does not take place on the sightseeing bus.

    Keep on keeping on!

  8. I am kind of in a comparable situation to yours when you were in Paris, working far away from home albeit for a much longer period. at this point, I am increasingly getting tired of the country i am in right now (for a variety of practical reasons, mostly). I just don’t want to spend my life here any much longer.
    On the other hand, my own country has changed so much from the image i kept when i left it, that my home sickness has no “home” anymore.
    So, going back to my own country seems to be the most non-compelling solution to my problem. this essentially means that there is no place anywhere on the planet i have a strong determination to want to be at.
    Madge, i envy you for having such a strong sense of where you belong at.

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