9 thoughts on “YR1104 The Trip Back (with VerAIDS)”

  1. If you’re so concerned about health care why didn’t you just move to Canada? You could bring your dog, and still live a life style similar to that in the US.

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  3. Okay, there’s the deal: They shot three episodes of AbFab, one was broadcast (in the UK, Logo/US and Aussie-TV were some time in January) at Crimmus, one at New Year’s and the third one willl be broadcast in the summer during the London Olympics, since it will include a plot line that involves the Olympics.
    Apparently the two episodes were so well received that the BBC wants Saunders to write a full 6-episode-season, and there are also rumours on the internets that she’s contemplating a movie adaptation (hopefully better than the one the French did a couple of years ago [Absolument Fabuleux, 2001]).
    Oh and Auntie, if you enjoy the Jennifer Saunders, maybe you’d like to follow her on Twitter @ferrifrump. Her interactions with the lovely Mo Gaffney (Bo on the series) are pretty funny to read.

  4. Maybe we got all the Wandas and Wanturds mixed up because you were talking about Wanda’s new radio gig before talking about Wanturds visit/bathhouse experience…

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