9 thoughts on “YR1098 Skyping with Cheryl and Grizeldturd”

  1. Madge, given that you’re a lesbian, I understand that you have very little clue about facial hair removal. However, if you look for it, you’ll find plenty of shaving tutorials online, like on youtube, or sharpologist.com, which provide great advice for the inexperienced groomer/lesbian who experiences sudden menopausal facial hair growth.
    I’m sure Cheryl has already placed an order for one of those debris net to feesh for doody.

    Great grum, it was nice to hear Grizelda, maybe you could call the Rachel next time, just to reassure us that she’s doing fine.

  2. I cant believe how dumb Cheryl is. But what do you expect from some Whore that lives in the midwest off of some highway. “For Color Girls” comes from a play in the 1970’s called “For Colored Girls, who have considered suicide, when the rainbow is enough”. It is a collection of poems from Black woman in a dance class. The entire Play was poems. The story line was added to make the movie. This is why the characters break out into poems. The abortionist is played by non other than Macy Gray – the singer. She is talking to the audience about how she used to “live” in the real world, saying hello, talking to people. Now she “kills” people by doing abortions.
    About the only thing intellectual Cheryl can only get is the Haunted Mansion ride at DisneyWorld. How Madge – the true talent and Visionary – can engage with her is beyond me.

  3. Madge Honey –

    Hang in there. Your doing far better in Europe than you would be in Shitcago or Jewami. If you want to move to Amsterdam than do it, but your move to Europe was brilliant.

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