13 thoughts on “YR1093 VerAIDS Squeezes Madge’s Lemons and Yeast”

  1. Enjoyed the Grum !!! Vera was very good in interview mode of Madge !!!! OMG So fuckin agree on your politics…Dont forget the Occupy Wall Stank was started by the Protesters in Wisconsin..where its still going strong, recalling Walker ..FBI probes ect , lawsuits..probaly hookers, needles ect soon also ! Can Madge vote from Paris ?????? IF not fuck you ! We need your vote so move back, thanks! Ya problaids fucked by sum GOP Voter ID laws abroad tho ? Work visa or should I shut the fuck up ? Cheryls Married..is she on the pill ? Trotsky,on the whim relocation, bitched out by Parisans, Morocans non scammers, Ruskies, Iranians editing..Vera admiration of the move …again bitches..great grum…sorry for ranting but loved grum seriously !!

  2. What a lovely idea to get Auntie Vera to interview you on your emigration. I did enjoy the discussion in the second half a lot, too.
    Excellent grum!

  3. @SCDJ: Let’s not forget that any #Occupy-movement in the US (or Europe, beginning this weekend) has its roots in the Tunisian/Egyptian protests earlier this year…

  4. Excellent show! A pleasure!

    First of all;
    thank you so fucking much for giving the people who do not press F on Twitbook a chance to understand the logistics behind you escaping the U.S.
    You’re right in pursuing possibilities like these! Good on you! Also, I’m happy Trotsky is pretty much fine.

    Second of all, regarding scoldings;
    please bear in mind that the people of Paris (together with the people of the French Riviera) might be the worst assholes in the country of France. They detest tourists. So, please do not worry about not speaking French. Unless you do it perfectly haters gonna hate.

    Btw, Paris is the capital of fashion – What’cha expect?

    Third of all;
    Like your friend said – Why do we care about America? E.g. because some fucking senator from Cuntville, IL might be the deciding vote on a resolution on whether or not to adopt an updated U.N. motherfucking charter on Human Rights.

    Some FOX-supported santorum gobbler might decide on whether or not the U.S. are going to bomb Iran, relax financial regulations on worldwide Too Big Too Fail banks, block funding to UNESCO because UNESCO acknowledges Palestine, not to mention AIPAC…

    Europe/The World wants to not give a flying about the U.S.A. but you make it really hard not to.

    Fourth of all;
    Vera Head-In-The-Sand… Listen… Ah, fuck it. Ignorance is bliss! You are such a sweet person that you get away with it.

    You are very intelligent and make very good analyses. Are there more of you in “the landmass between Mexico and Canada”?

    Fifth of all;
    Yes. Bankers did it! And they have created almost impenetrable shields through politics, PR and the media. I guess voting, tweaking laws and other democratic levers to pull will not do a thing anymore.

    American Autumn!
    You’ve got a long way to go, baby!

    Sixth of all;
    “I don’t care about old [black?] people…”

    Thank you!

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