8 thoughts on “YR1092 iced tea flavored girdle phlegm”

  1. You did the right thing with your doggie and it sounds like he is in a great home.
    At least now you can have real french fries and have a chance to steal Nik in Paris from his boyfriend!

  2. I completely agree about the best memories and being alone – I’m a very anti social person too and I’m usually happiest when I’m alone…but at the same time, fuck you’re right… all of my happiest and best memories have been with other people.

    I’m going to have to think about this, thanks Mayudge, that’s the most I’ve ever learnt about myself from a podcast.

  3. Steve jobs died, sad, but what about those folks in china killing themselves in factories making that shit.

    am glad you are podcasting.

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