Madge Weinstein’s Guest Appearance on “The Truth About Markets” with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Here in Paris, I was forturdnate enough to be a guest on Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert’s weekly London Resonnance FM radio show, The Truth About Markets. Today’s episode is titled “The Truth About Market Prolapse.” Why not listen and find out why?

14 thoughts on “Madge Weinstein’s Guest Appearance on “The Truth About Markets” with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert”

  1. I’m confused, weren’t u in ur sister’s house like couple of days ago?
    When did u decide to go France?

    anyway, i’ll def give it a listen, love Keiser, too <3

  2. Jet-Set Madge FTW!

    This show is just pure bliss for me.

    A crisp Madge fresh off the boat to the promised land (read Europe). Once free, casting off her shackles of being American to whip her prolapse back and forth as a true socialist…

    An ever so responsive and omniscient Max.
    An ever so brilliant and bright Stacy.

    Yup, it’s Vegas. We’ll let that one slide.

    Pics & Vids, plz!!!
    Pics & Vids!!!

  3. Great to hear you on Max and Stacey’s broadcast. You asked about what caused the London riots. The reasons are many but I think one major cause is the so the so called Nanny State. Nanny Statism is deep within our benefits system and that is where it has directly contribute to undermining certain parts of our society. In fact I think it is largely, but not the only factor, responsibe for creating the so called underclass. I believe that it stems from profoundly sinister motive, to control. The helpless and ignorant can be coerced into consuming and to keep quiet, as long as there needs are met. Now that the government, in its austerity measures, are targeting the poor. They see the bankers, as Max put it so well, plundering from the top. This helpless group who are so dependent on hand outs, find the soft rug is being pulled from under their feet and it is no wonder they are, given the opportunity, plundering at the bottom – looting placed like JD Sports and helping themselves to the designer labels, they have been told to aspire having and can no longer afford.

  4. Nice grum. I liked the markets chat, but not one mention of a fayuut or an angry blaque whole you walked on the purk…. Best part of the grum was the horse shitting at the end. NICE!

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