12 thoughts on “YR1064 Nyeah-Nuh-Well Nyeah-Nuh-Well Lorge Showerz”

  1. Wow Madge, that last 9 minutes is some kind of achievement. A real payoff for us longtime listenturds! Yapnoel!

  2. Nyeah! Sounded like you were being airlifted out to Rio by some kind of violin-copter. Don’t forget your lesbian birkenstocks if you go to the beach Madge.

  3. This entire show reminds me of when I would listen to Wanturd. She would spend 30mins on her Amazon wish list and what she should add to her Amazon wish list, then what we should buy for her from her Amazon wish list.

  4. madge how the hell are you going to use the educational discount you shoot porn

    also for the gift card thing you don’t need to have the person send you the actual card just have them email you the information on the card

  5. Lemme get this strait…your giving up you house and taking lots of trips around the world with the dorm daddy.

    Bitch, you’re having an affair with your boss, and you’re not giving us details!

  6. Fantastic episode DearestL, love the lav.
    Have an amazing adventure, this will be the summer of Madge.
    Happy birthday from all your fans around the world for March 30, without you we’re all just americunts.
    Love Mr Zeeche

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