7 thoughts on “YR1058 For Edith”

  1. Oh, Madge. Whenever you do a solo show I expect (with a modicum of disappointment) an absolute lack of cycling … but this show is RIFE with it! Especially loved the random inclusion of the Dutch Teletubbies at the end. It’s even more creepy when you know what’s being said.

  2. An old school ‘grum? Weeeeoeoowow!
    Going strong, Ms. W!

    Jag med.

    I concur.

    * You know that the banging sound in that man’s recording/documentation comes from the water pipes. I had that happen to me for a long time and it drove me mad until I figured it out and could let it go (home).

    * You should make money by creating your own set of slippers with the following text: Magde Weinstein *SWITCH* My favorite bloated lesbian on the internets
    (Don’t forget to pay Berbacia her royalties…)

    * Fingerspitzgef├╝hl to put that lounge music over that nice woman’s 50’s style podcast/recorded letter about her recent tribulations

    * “…for some P & E. – Pig, nnuyckle, Eurrythang.”

    * Beautiful Yellow Waxy Smog Buildup.

    * Spot on with the Bobama/US pep talk/self-deception.

    * “…y su madre con mal olor del cabello y B.C.”!

    * Toe-ah-st w. Cardamom Butter ftw!

    * Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.
    Ronald Reagan

    * Dutch is a weird language.

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