39 thoughts on “YR1055 What about her vagina?”

  1. u started talking bout Oprah and the recording cut off…
    🙁 also, hope Steryl’s vagina heals soon 🙂 and Norm Augustinus was
    great! lots of content in the form of thoughts and stuff w/ him
    like 🙂 u should cut the first 12min tho.

  2. Yeastie- you are right about the 1st 12 min but I don’t like to cut stuff out unless it’s total dead air (which i did cut out btw).

    when is the oprah problem? i diidn’t notice that?

    KirkJ- Fuck you. I like Rachel on and so do a lot of my audience just not mostly the live audience. It was a mistake having her on the LIVE show, not the show show, but it’s all cheryl’s fault regardless.

  3. thanks for defending me Madge. that was kind. i appreciate
    it. i really don’t think it’s an issue of live vs prerecorded, i
    think its just that i have reached a point in my life where being
    consistently belittled and insulted just makes me sort of
    dissociate and check out mentally and emotionally. i am not
    complaining and i am not portraying myself as some kind of victim
    or martyr. This is my bullshit, and my problem, nobody else is to
    blame, and I am getting the help I need. Everyone needs to be
    themselves and do their thing, express themselves in their own way;
    I certainly don’t want anyone to tiptoe around me. I just need to
    commit to letting you know that if I am on the show again, I can’t
    hold my tongue, I will go off and retaliate on anyone who insults
    me in kind. Also – I found you to be completely friendly and
    respectful toward me – so thanks. When it was just me and you
    talking it seemed to be going well. I have no problem with you
    cutting me out of this ep if that’s what you want to do. I think
    its painful and horrible too. It’s no fun for me or anyone else
    listen to me be a pathetic punching bag. Thanks for trying to do a
    show with just me. And thanks for giving a shit about me enough to
    ask me what I was working on artistically. Even though it was so
    fucking boring to talk about even I knew it. As I said, I have no
    one to blame but myself. After this episode, I went into an even
    further tailspin of self loathing. I fucking hate myself and I
    fully understand why the listeners here hate me to. Bye,

  4. The grum ends abruptly at 3:30:22. i would imagine that
    there’s not much talking left tho. *Rachel was so lovely + rly
    enjoyed the episode w/ her & her brother, too. ^^

  5. Hi Madge! I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed a show
    EVEN WITHOUT CHERYL! Great show. Ragan is awesome, Rachel is
    hilarious, and Norm had lots to say. He doesn’t agree with you
    politically though. I think it’s great that you have him on your
    show anyway. I especially LOVED when Rachel got sad and left.

  6. I like the Rapechel, it was good to hear her on the grum
    again. I used to think Norm Augustinus was performing and/or
    putting on some kind of crazy act with his wild shit. After hearing
    him on this grum, I think he is genuinely insane. He’s
    entertaining, though. As others have commenturd, this episode cut
    off for me as you and Norm were discussing Oprah. It just went
    completely out. I thought maybe my download didn’t finish through
    the iTurds but the file I downloaded is comparable in size to what
    you have listed on this site. Also – girdle.

  7. I enjoyed the show. Hadn’t heard Norm talk before, what a
    character. The treatment of Rachael was a little unpleasant on
    occasion though.

  8. What an awful fucking mess this show was. Ragan’s sheer
    nastiness was far worse that Rachels lack of exciting content. What
    an utter pile of shit that was. Fucking whores.

  9. licoricepirate + Luis – Rachael is clearly a very fragile
    human being and little consideration is made for her weaknesses as
    a person (at least by you). Her failings are sometimes exploited
    for the purposes of humor during the show. Maybe that’s okay, maybe
    it isn’t. Humor often comes from that place I think, so it’s not
    entirely black and white. Realistically she’s right though. She
    shouldn’t appear on the show anymore because it is not useless or
    helpful for her to do so. A persons time on the show should be fun,
    not leave them feel like shit.

  10. Norman is amazing. I can’t tell if he’s goofing or not.
    I was hoping you’d ask who the woman on his podcast is. I love how he slows her voice down so she sounds retarded.

  11. Maybe if Ms. Kann weren’t so unlikeable and hubris-filled she could forego the disingenuous shock and depression at how she’s treated GIRDLE.

    Martyr? … where the hell did you pull that from?

  12. I like it when Rachael makes an appearance. This show
    doesn’t always have to be about shit or Sylvia Brown or even
    Cheryl. As for people saying she is boring or doesn’t have alot to
    offer all I can say is have you ever been live on a grum having to
    come up with content? I haven’t but I bet its hard as

  13. In true “Yeast” form – nothing more than a parade of
    asshole blabbering on about themselves – minus the shovelful of
    dooty …

  14. Cher – I agree. Norm was fascinating. He seems to have a
    very unique way about him and was difficult to read on first pass.
    I found the fishing conversation really amusing.

  15. I love when miss Rapechel comes on the show. Fuck those
    haters. If they want something to hate, hate the last half of the
    show when it was just Madge and Norm. Don’t bring Norm back, bring
    Rapechel, Miss Fox, Andy Melturd and Cheryl all on the same show.
    That’s a great dynamic. c’mooon

  16. I listen to this as a form of self torture – please keep
    this intolerable pile of shit coming ! Bring on the Cheryl

  17. Don’t hate on Rachel! I think she makes for great
    podcasting, but I agree she wasn’t quite true to form, she’s indeed
    better when not on a crowded live-show, where she hardly got a word
    in edgewise (which is not a good thing). I mean go listen to the
    show with her and her brother from last August, or the last
    Rachel-Ragan-double-show from March 2010, or the brilliant, *long*
    show back in September 2008, and so on and so forth. It’s just a
    different format compared to the (now, unfortunately) usual
    prolapse-and-Sylvia-Liveshow, and I encourage Madge to indulge in
    that more serious kind of show every now and again. I liked it!
    Thanks, Madge. And I love Rachel!

  18. This was actually one of the best shows I heard in a long
    time! Its nice to hear Rachel again. I’m glad you got rid of that
    old fart with the gravely voice

  19. Seriously I liked this show so much I actually listened to it twice, and thats unusual for me. Rachel was a blast. I look forward to more like this

  20. Here is my updated vocabulary list: A slut is a person who gets only pleasure from sex, a whore gets monetary or social gain from it as well. A prostitute is just a business title.

    I think Norm is K-r-a-Z-y, wow. That was weird how he mouthed off to Rachel and then later repeatedly asked Madge to “fix” it. Norm’s still interesting to listen to, however.

    Norm: “A woman cried in front of me and said all she wants is to be loved.”
    Madge: “Is that when you stabbed her in the face?!”

    I think Rachel is a delight. And I hope she knows she is adored by many here. Ragan is fun, too, but on a more snarky level.

  21. Rachel, you are too good for this childish crap. I only listen to this show when you’re on. I hope you don’t put yourself through this bull again.

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